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Vice Chairman's Message

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Welcome to Kanti Devi Medical College Hospital and Research Center !

We, at Kanti Devi Medical College, Hospital and Research Center believe that the Hands that serve are Holier. We also believe in the service to society through education for enrichment and enlightenment. Hence, we have created center for Learning with a host of medical facilities and competent facilities of national repute. The medical college is committed to prepare aspiring students for accomplishment, leadership and service to their profession, to their communities, to the nation and to the world.

KDMCHRC also has a medical center with 650 beds, which houses the latest medical facilities. The health care services offered here are comprehensive, covering investigation, diagnosis, therapy, surgery and post operative care. The inpatient services are complemented with day centers, outpatient facilities. The hospital’s philosophy is ‘to provide world class quality health care services to all sections of the society at an affordable cost’ with emphasis on philanthropy. Towards this objective, the hospital has well qualified and dedicated medical professionals, paramedical staff and managerial support who regularly enhance their skills to the most contemporary world standards. This hospital is expected to aid in improving the quality of life in Mathura and surrounding areas.

As they say, all doctors are at heart a strange mix of both detective and engineer. They are detectives in the first place because they want to detect what make people sick. When they finally understand the reason for the suffering, the engineer in them, want to fix it.

Therefore, Kanti Devi Medical College, Hospital and Research Center is motivated by the twin principles of research and caring. These principles not only define who we are as a group, they also drive what we do. It is these two principles that the almost every faculty in KDMCHRC want to convey first and foremost. But we also want to systematically impart medical knowledge to students and trainees.

The greatest act of caring for our patients is to ensure that the future generation of physicians will not just reproduce our care, but be better than we are. KDMCHRC plans to maximize this, both with inductive and didactic methodologies.

Pankaj Agarwal
Vice Chairman
KD Medical College Hospital and Research Center, Mathura